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30 Songset Icon Challenge
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Welcome to 30_songset! This is an icon challenge community similar to ones like iconfiend100. In this challenge, you are required to make 30 icons from the character/pairing of your choice using the lyrics from a song.



• To participate, first join the community. Then, post your desired claim HERE.
• Up to 5 people can claim the same character or pairing.
• You are supposed to have two months to finish all 30 icons. However, I am extremely lax and really don't care how long you take, as long as there aren't people waiting for the claim.
• Extensions are allowed in case of computer crashes or real life issues.
• Questions? Check out the FAQ.

• All icons must be new for the challenge.
• All icons must have at least 2 consecutive words from the song on it, including Artist's Choice icons.
• Doujinshi and fanart are allowed with permission from the creator. However, only 3 icons can be made using doujinshi/fanart.
• 15 of your icons are themed. Each of these fifteen icons must be related to one of the following themes in some way:

1. Black and White
2. Stripes
3. Soft
4. Grunge
5. Mask (open to interpretation)
6. Gradient
7. Tiny Text
8. Light
9. Darkness
10. Color
11. Crop without eyes
12. Loneliness
13. Joy
14. Anger
15. Pairing (more than 1 person in the icon for single character/general series claims, more than 2 for pairing claims)

• Post your icons with the following information:
Icon batch count:
Number of icons added in post:

Claims post - To claim your desired character or pairing and song, go here.

Dropped claims/extensions - To give up your claim or ask for an extension, go here.

OLD Finished Claims
NEW Finished Claims, when finished with your claim, comment here!

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